Between sea and mountains



The sea is only 50 Km. It depends on which beach you want to achieve. We recommend to Baratti (Gulf of Baratti). Tranquility, clean sea, bar and above can visit the archaeological park and the castle of Populonia. Otherwise there are many other beautiful beaches like Torre Mozza, Cala Violina or in San Vincenzo.
It is worth making a few stops to visit the most beautiful cities close to the coast as Castagneto Carducci, Montescudaio, Suvereto, Campiglia Marittima and many others. In particular, after a morning at the beach before returning to the Agriturismo Segarelli you might stop in Bolgheri, dear country to the poet Giosuè Carducci: drive along the famous avenue of cypresses and then stop in the village to enjoy their glass of Sassicaia.


Berignone forest. It is a nature reserve which is only 30 Km from Segarelli. In the reserve you can swim in the river Cecina, in a place legendary seaside and suggestive for this area: il Masso delle Fanciulle (Boulder of the Maidens). This magical place is just 17 Km.

A famous reserve is also to Monterufoli which is about 20 km from here. It is located in the heart of the Val di Cecina: vast forests and thick patches crossed by rivers Sterza and Trossa with a high biological diversity. Ideal for hiking, biking or horseback, but also for challenging hikes.

But if you want to deepen the knowledge of our territory have to visit what Dante called the Valley of the Devil. This term now includes all those municipalities that take advantage of natural steam resource to create electricity. The name is due to a surreal atmosphere, almost a lunar landscape. So going around you will first visit the Museum of Geothermal Energy in Larderello. Then you can move in Sasso Pisano or Monteverdi Marittimo to see the “putizze” with pools of natural hot water inside the parks with guided tours.

For information on guided tours and excursions go to the website of the Tourism Office of Volterra.