The story of Segarelli

The story of


TUSCANY TRADITION – HISTORY OF agriturismo segarelli

Segarelli is an old farm located on a hill, surrounded by fields and woods, 520 meters above sea level.
The construction of the first settlement dates back to the 1600s and the present structure, whose plan is shown on the cadastral maps Leopold (1765) is certainly prior to 1800.
The farm has been restructured more than 40 years ago but has retained many of the original architectural features. Before that, Segarelli was the classic farm where farmers lived and  worked as sharecroppers for a noble local family, the Bicocchi.

LATE 30s.

 In 1890, within these walls, was born my paternal great-grandfather  Luigi Fulceri and lived here with his family until 1938. As luck would have that same year, my maternal great-grandfather Giovanni Cucini and his wife Armida and their sons Nello, Amato and Federigo, moved here in Segarelli. With the start of World War II my grandfather Nello and his brothers are called to arms. Even before the war ended the brothers, Amato and Frederigo, were unable to return home but the farm was occupied by a German outpost and therefore they were forced to hide themeself in the forests outside Segarelli. My grandfather Nello instead was captured in 1943 and deported to Mauthausen Lager in Austria.


After the war he was enable to go back home and marryes his fiancee Bruna, a peasant who lived not far from Segarelli with her sister Rosa. The October 10, 1945 Nello get married to Bruna,  Rosa get married to Amato and they came all together to live in Segarelli. My mother Norma was born in 1947  and remains only daughter and grandchild for nearly 12 years until her cousin wad born, Donatella, the daughter of my great-uncles Amato and Rosa. With the economic boom of the ’60s, Amato and Federigo have decide to seek a steady job and therefore they have moved into the province of Siena, in Colle Val d’Elsa, in 1966. Now there in Segarelli there are only Nello, Bruna and my mother Norma. My mother get engaged in 1962 with my father Enzo (childhood and neighbor friend). They married in 1968 and decide to stay and live in Segarelli. But the house needs a restoration. So for more than 40 years, when economic conditions permitted it, my family has done restoration work making sure to respect the style and tradition of Segarelli and, more generally, of Tuscany. 


I was born in 1979, Luigi,  and together with my family we decided in 2008 to transform a part of Segarelli on a agritourism that today I manage with my wife Luisa. Since then anybody came to visit us could enjoy the greenery and tranquility that has always characterized Segarelli, anybody could know and appreciate its long and fascinating history, to know our family and most of all enjoy the products of our land. Therefore I want to say that for us Segarelli is not just a residence for summer holidays but it is the house that hosteded my family for over a century and is not a common thing. Here they do not just live my roots but also a small piece of history that has contributed in its own way to create the culture of the Territory.